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I started a Youtube channel!!!!!!!!! It would be great if you could go check it out. I hope you do and I hope you like the video.





Sunrise, sunset. xx

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Well i moved and let me tell you i moved about a month and a half ago and before that we kept it secret for about a month and then we told people and moved 3 months later. I moved to Arizona and it has been hot but monsoon season hit and it has been nice today it is really nice. Ever since i got to Arizona I have been training a horse and he has gotten really good to us. I am training him with my cousins and well he is so good and nice to us now, he used to be really stubborn. I have just have been having fun.


i had a shaving cream war.


Sunrise, sunset.

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Some Of My Favorite Youtubers


1. ThatcherJoe    aka- Joe Sugg

2. Connor Franta

3. JennxPenn       aka- Jenn McAllister

4. PointlessBlog      aka- Alfie Deyes

5. Zoella      aka- Zoe Sugg

6. Ricky Dillion

7. Tyler Oakley

8. Marcus Butler

9. Tanya Burr

10. Alexis G. Zall

11. Makeupbymandy24     aka- Amanda Steel

12. iiSuperWomenii      aka- Lilly Singh

13. Casper Lee

14. Bethany Mota

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What Has Happened

I don’t even know. I haven’t written on this blog in such a long time, I can’t believe how time flys.


When I was about 10 years old I wanted to be a singer. I fell out of that right before I turned 12, ever since then I wanted to be a YouTuber (someone that makes videos on YouTube) but my music was always so important to me. I always thought that I can only do one thing and that one thing only. Like if I’m a YouTuber I can’t be a singer or a mother. (both of wich I have wanted to be) I kept on watching more and more of Youtube and a lot of the Youtubers that I watch do more then just youtube videos. Some do singing, some write books, some are actors, even some are mothers. This made me relize that what ever you want to do you can always do the other thing that you wanted to do. Filming, singing, and being a mother are all so important to me now. I want to make music, put out videos and be a mother. If I made my profession a singer I could still be a mother and film videos.

You can do what ever you want to do and more! You can do all your dreams all you gave to is believe in what YOU can do! I have hope that you will become what you want to become. One of my favorite Youtubers said, “You can do, say, wear, create & be whatever you want. What ever makes you happy. Let no one tell you otherwise. Your life is yours & and no one elses.” – Connor Franta. The wRolf makes you think ypu can only do one thing well I say NO! You can do however many things you want. Be a mother of father while doing the thing you love. YOU ARE AMAZING!!

I leave with you saying do want you want and be yourself. Make your profession what you want not what other people want it to be.

If I helped you at all or if you just liked what I said please tell me.


Sunrise, sunset xxx

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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

It is a new year and already so many things have happened for me. I have had a lot of fun and I am hoping to only have the year get better. i hope you have had a good year and continue to have a good one.


On January 1st, 2015 12:01 am, I was at a party with my friends and we were all outside with sparklers and popper things and streamers. It was a lot of fun. Some people ran around the ward barefoot. It was -1 degrees outside with snow on the ground. It was hilarious and kind of amazing that they would do that. It was so amazing. There was a lot of jokes about how they hadn’t done things since last year.

My my cousins have been over at my house since New Years Eve and are leaving tomorrow. While they where here we went and saw a movie which was hilarious. We also went on a treasure hunt at Savers and went sledding. We played lot of video games on the Wii U and they beat me several times.

I fugured out that my cousins thought of me as a jungle jim and they like watching me put on my makeup. I also learned that no matter what situation you are in you can always have a good time if you just smile.

What at have you guys thought of the New Year? How has it treated you and what do you want to do this year with your life? I hope you habe a good New Year!,,


Sunrise, Sunset.

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A New Year

I am finding out that I’m not very good at blogging yet but that is only because I have just started.  I hope that i can get better very quickly, so what I have decided is that I am going to start to blog about everything that has been happening to me, bad or good.


Today is New Years Eve and it’s going to be 2015!!! Can you believe that!!! I can’t wait for the new year!! This year has been great, I’ve been so much happier than I have ever been in my life. Next year is just going to be better. I watch YouTube a lot and one of my favorite youtubers said, “I don’t like to make New Years Revolutions because it is like a revolution that you are never going to achieve, so that is why I like to make goals for the new year.” I have decided that it is the same way for me, so I am still going to make New Years Revolutions but make them easy and only have three. I am going to make my revolutions more like goals but still have them be revolutions.

  • Get more control over my life more than I already do
  • Be happier with everything and always look at the bright side.
  • Get my life on a schedule so I can be more productive.

What are your revolutions or goals going to be for the new year? I bet that they will help your life. Thank you for being so amazing and commenting on my last two posts. I hope i will be able to read more. Thank you guys for everything.


Sunrise, sunset. xxx

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The Book

In my first blog I said that I was reading a book called ‘Girl Online’, well I’m still reading it and I’m almost done but there was something in it that I wanted to share with you guys.


It says, “I chose to believe in myself. I chose to trust Noah and fall in love. I am a good person. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about me online. I know the truth because this is my life story, not theirs. And OK, so it hasn’t turned out to be the perfect love story, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have one, one day. My life can be anything I want it to be-as long as I keep remembering that it’s mine. Not theirs.”

You will have to read the book to figure out the situation. What that part of the book was saying was that no matter what happens to you in life there is always hope. Everybody has gone through a hard time in their life and will continue to have horrible moments, if you haven’t had one trust me you will get them. Everybody goes through this and we all feel alone when going through this but trust me you’re not. I have gone through so many of them, and tomorrow I’m pretty sure I will get one of these hard moments and I will feel all alone and like nobody likes me and like everybody feels like I’m an idiot. All I feel is like I’m alone with this, but reading this book helped me see that I’m not alone and no matter what happens you won’t be alone too. I know that you will feel alone but please try to see that you are loved and you’re not alone in anything.

I know nobody is reading this but if someone is please just let me know and comment a hard time you have had to go through or how you have gotten over a hard time.


Sunrise, sunset xoxo

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So I’m not very popular right now and so I know that not a lot of people know about me, but I’m going to keep on doing this blog. I write on it every day. I didn’t write on it Monday or Tuesday, so I am going to fill you in on what happened.


Monday-   So on Monday I got to go to a attempt of breaking the world record for the largest nativity and we broke that. We had to brake the record of 840 people and we got 1,000+ people there it was amazing. Everybody was so excited about that, I can’t believe we did that. Youtubers from Utah all came, that means that there was Studio C, Stuart Edge, The Shaytards, The Piano Guys, Alex Boye’. I got to meet Alex Boye’, and I got to talk to Stuart Edge again. (He said that I was looking lovely.) The video is going to be up on The Piano Guys Youtube channel I’m pretty sure around December 12th. You should go watch it.

Tuesday-   Tuesday I was sick but not horribly but I played the day sick. I watched some movies and read some more of ‘Girl Online’. Not a lot happened on Tuesday but I got to do a french braid on myself for the first time. Tuesday was kind of boring.

Today is Wednesday and it 4 minutes till 11:00 am. Nothing has really happened today so far and just a warning I will not be able to blog tomorrow because I will be on planes all day. I’m heading to Nashville tomorrow. I can’t wait!!! I’m going to try a different ending this time though. talk to you in a couple days.


Sunrise, Sunset xxx

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Cheers And Shares

I have been reading this book called, ‘Girl Online’. It is one of my favorites and it has inspired me to start up with my blog. I will be sharing my hard times. good times, excited times, and over all everything I suppose. There is a saying in ‘Girl Online’ “Girl Online, going offline. i might use that to end my blogs but all the credit for that phrase goes to Zoe Sugg. (aka Zoella)


So it is the first of December and that means, 24 more days till Christmas!!!!!!! To me Christmas is so relaxing. It is my favorite holiday but not only because of the Christmas tree and the decorations and the presents, but also because we are celebrating our Savors birth. Christmas is fun and all but I should get talking about my day right about now.

So today, I woke up and i thought about my trip that I’m taking to Nashville  on Wednesday, I walk out of my room and I tell my mom how excited I am when she tells me that we may not be taking the trip if my dad doesn’t get payed. After I hear that I’m sad for a while but I know that I have to carry on my day so I get some breakfast and listen to my mom read like she does every morning. I am sitting in my room typing this blog when there is somebody in my house that I don’t know but my mom and sister Zo, do. (She just walked out.)

It is almost noon and i have not gotten dressed or put on my makeup yet. To tell you a little more about me keep reading, My name is Antoinette, I am home schooled and in 7th grade, that means that I’m 12. I’m going to graduate when I am 17 instead of 18 but not by much only by like a month. I Want to graduate when I am 16 or almost 16, you can do that when your home schooled. I live in Utah, USA. Utah is fun I guess, I mean I do get a white Christmas,it is also super fun in the fall.

I think that is all for now, thanks for reading!


Girl Online, going offline.



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